A Divorce Story

14 Oct 2020 Admin

Story I read somewhere,

I, Saravanan aged 55 years old wish to get separated from my wife Janaki  with mutual understanding. I am ready to pay the end life settlement whatever she requires. I am sorry for what I am doing to her but I am sorry I cannot live with the person who I cannot love for the past 25 years of my life. I was waiting for the kids to grew up now that its time they have married and settled I think this is the best time to get departed. I ask the court to offer us divorce with mutual concern.

This was Saravanan’s statement in the court; judge was astonished with his statement and was speechless for a moment. The lawyer came forward and submitted the papers. Tears shed from Saravanan’s eyes. The judge noticed it, he turned towards Janaki  asked her side of statement.

She was speechless; she kept silent and broke down to tears weeping. Judge turned towards Saravanan and said may I know the reason, why you can’t love her in spite of having two children, which is quite naturally the symbol of love. Saravanan said do you think is sex alone love, no I don’t think so. I can’t love her anymore. Judge asked do you love someone else. Saravanan replied no.

Janaki  was still weeping, Saravanan turned his head down and said I am no good for her its better she stays away from me. The twins started yelling at their daddy for what he was; one called him a bastard a retard who wants divorce at this age, the other called him as a womaniser. Along with them their wives joined and bullied Saravanan as much as they could. Because they were venting their anger for not giving any share on the asset he had earned.

Judge hammered the table and yelled order and warned Gowtham & Vasudev for contempt of court. The silence of Janaki  broke, her eyes rolled with anger; she pointed her hands towards Gowtham & Vasudev and said they are bastards my lord they are bastards, they never were Saravanan’s son and they never are, else they wouldn’t have called him a bastard. He has given the inner most love as a dad even though he knows they were not his sons and yet these morons called him womaniser for their sulking bitches they married. Gowtham arose from his seat, one look from Janaki  made him shut and sit.

Yes my lord I was conceived before my marriage, I was in love with a guy named Gowtham Vasudev who worked for the Navy. He was working for the cargo tools ships. My dad and his dad were rivals. My dad found out our affair he yelled, screamed beat me up to death. I was in-convincible; that was the time the news channel announced Gowtham’s death. The ship had stuck in the cyclone and sunk in the Indian Ocean. I was about to die, my father threatened to suicide. I had no options. This was the time father approached Saravanan. Saravanan knew the entire story and was ready to marry me but I wasn’t ready. I was compelled to marry Saravanan because of my sisters and parents threatening suicide gimmicks.

On the eve of our marriage reception I fainted. Since Saravanan was a doctor he found out I was conceived. He was shocked but he knew who was responsible. Saravanan asked whether I want the baby or an abortion. I was terrified against his question I shouted yelled at him saying I hated him I hated him though I did hate him that day, I did love him for what he was later.

Saravanan came to me after a week and said you can give birth to the child but on one condition the child would be grown as my child. I was amused with him. He cared me well. He took care of the kids well. He was there with me all the time I needed, for which I gave him nothing not even love. Now the divorce he is asking for is not for him he is asking it for me so that I can live with Gowtham. Yes Gowtham is alive he survived the accident and was hospitalised for about a year. When he came back he heard that I was married and living happily with kids. He never disturbed us and led his life alone. In the recent months Saravanan knew he was alive and had spoken all that happened till now. He convinced Gowtham that he would get divorced and would give all his earning to us so that we could live a happy life for the rest of our lives. He is jus doing this for the sake of my happiness. I came to know this when Gowtham came to the court and told the entire tale.

I don’t know what made him think I would go with Gowtham if he comes alive after 25 years though I had shared my flesh with Gowtham which I haven’t shared with Saravanan. But Saravanan forgot one thing that I shared my heart with him I might have not said I loved him but I had been loving him all these years. Gowtham could have lived for the love I gave him but Saravanan lived for the love which he had in me. I don’t want to get separated from him if there is separation then the separation should be death. I lived as Mrs.Saravanan and I would die as Mrs.Saravanan. I, Janaki  Saravanan disagree the divorce from Mr.Saravanan and would love him for the rest of my life as his wife. 

Judge turned towards Saravanan for his response, Saravanan hung his head and was weeping like a baby. Judge turned towards the crowd gathered there and gave the final verdict. There had been a lot of cases in this court seeking divorce but I had never come across such couples who love each other, than any other and come for a divorce. 

Yet this strange case has come to an end and the court is happy for it had been the key stage to express the love of their life. The case is dismissed. The court is adjourned.

I don't remember where I read it,

Sivaraj Parameswaran