A Memoir To Remember

15 Oct 2020 Admin

Rat Race Life - All we long for is success and all we get is a lost life. Most of the successful people always feel sad about what they couldn’t achieve when they were young. They mostly complain that they were running behind success, so that the family could survive to live a better life. But sadly the better life offered was at the expense of no happy memories of the family. 

In business it is always said “you always have to lose something to gain something” 

So what can be done? 

Live your life with a satisfaction of satisfying yourself first. Future planning is very much important but don’t build your child’s future, let them build their own future. Make your own mistakes at your own cost. Never regret of not doing something you always wanted to do and be ready to face the consequences. Never shy away from your mistakes and start accepting them.

Stop competing with the one who makes you feel they are competitive. The competition is the race which we never win and if at all when people think that they have won, they would have lost a lot of energy and time. With the newly acquired success you can’t win back the energy and time you wasted. What’s lost is lost unless you own a time machine. 

Make your own memories, make it a memorable one, treasure it with your loved ones, coz that’s the only treasure comes with you till death parts you. 

Free advice : Our mind like a monkey, it will always jump around. To calm down the monkey give the monkey what it needs. All it needs is a banana. Give the monkey a banana. The need we think is big but the fact is it's always small.

Treasure a Memoir To Remember,

Sivaraj Parameswaran