In Love 16 Years 1999

15 Oct 2020 Admin

I waited too long to forget Daisy, memories started fading up.

After Daisy left the school I never attended a Sunday mass neither sang for the carol group. I focused myself onto cricket though I wasn’t good at it. Friends were the best. Vicky became the best of all. Things were doing well, until July 16 1999.

July 17 1999 St.Peters Church 

I was attending the Sunday mass. But something was very unusual; I felt Daisy’s presence in the church. The mass started, I felt left alone in my own space. Vicky was supposed to join me but he was late like any-day.

A few minutes later father started the prayer; Vicky came and sat beside me. I asked him “How come you are so early today”. In a sarcastic tone he replied “if it was only Daisy you might not even have asked”. I became dumb. A huge muscular guy  from the front row turned up and gave us a cold look, which meant shut up and pray. We became dumb, Vicky immediately sank into his prayers and my thoughts started to wander.

Everyone knelt down, suddenly a girl came running to the prayer hall. Her footstep sound made father to stop the prayer. As father stopped the prayer everyone turned around to see who it was. The girl was embarrassed and was trying to kneel but she slipped, she lost her balance and fell on the guy beside her, which was me. She gave me a kiss in the neck and crash landed on me. I fell on Vicky, it was a sequel fall, no one was hurt except for the last one who fell on the ground. The girl became nervous. I lifted her up and made her feel ease. Vicky was lying down as if he was hit by a truck. Father grunted twice, everyone resumed back to the prayers. I was smiling and thanking GOD for what just happened. 

I turned to see what she was doing, she was staring at me. The stare meant “What? What are you looking at?" I simply shook my head twice which meant “Nothing”. I Thanked god with an eye wink. This time the church bell rang. Vicky was staring at me from the side and was pointing at something.  I thought he was pointing at her. I saw her and she was busy praying. I turned back to Vicky asking what he was pointing at. He pointed to the lip mark in my neck. I felt blessed and I blushed. The carol song came down on me like a happy BGM. 

A lengthy long mass felt like a swift 5 mins. She immediately left. Jumped a couple of times amongst the crowd to see her. But she was lost.

On the way back home Vicky was cursing my luck for being beside the girl. I blushed and said “Man she was so hot. She was like an angel amongst the god with those white wings. Vicky said “Don’t build yours dreams too high. What happened at church was just an accident and am pretty sure she has a boy friend”, suddenly someone grunted behind us, it was her. Imagining to what we just said made us trembled; Our knees started shaking. Her face was stiff, Vicky looked at me puzzled. With an err exclamation she said, “I am sorry for what that happened in the church. Are you guys from this neighbourhood? My home is near by at the corner of the street. I am new to this city, I am from Australia, and dad got transferred here. He works as a Vice President for a cargo company. Oh sorry pardon my manners, I am Martina!” 

With her speedy English we were awestruck and our jaws were jammed up. Though we study in an English medium school we weren’t used to this kinda English fluency. This was too much for us. Even though, I dared to start the conversation; Vicky kept silent, I said, “My name is Subbu and this my friend Vicky. My father and his father  business man. We study in St.Monforts English medium school. We study in 10th standard, you? She giggled, controlling her smile she said “I am doing my 11th in St.Marys.” This was kind of embarrassing for me. I asked whether she knew any regional language, she said she knew French, she asked me in return “Do you?" I said “No French only Tamil”. The slang of my English made her laugh again, Vicky was laughing at my shame. I had all my anger at the tip of my nose but stayed calm. We waked in silence for while but still she couldn’t stop giggling. I didn’t speak a word then. Trying to calm me she said “Don’t be upset, your English is just fine. Needs to be nourished that’s all. Come home by 5 in the evening I’ll help you out in English,  my mom is an English teacher she would help you.”

My face lit up. I nodded happily carefully choosing words in my mind to answer “Ok I see there at 5 sharply” giving a proud smile at Vicky conveying, “She has called me not you” but the smile faded away instantly, she asked Vicky to join if he wished to… Like he is gonna avoid it, now I see a mutual smile on Vicky.

July 18 1999 Monday

5 clock was like an awaited time of eternity. I almost waited the entire day to become evening. I felt the time was ticking slow, in the noon I lost my patience thought of taking an off requesting a sick leave, but I was a school kid I had no options. At last it was evening. With all anxiety I was going home. I saw someone had the same feeling about it, it was nonetheless other than Vicky. It was like best of the two friends fight for a girl. It was 5, we were there at Martina’s door step. We raced each other to the door to ring the door bell. Vicky won and hit the bell and was laughing at me for that he had won. I was was irritated. Mean while the next door neighbour came and said that there is no one at home. I laughed out loud to irritate Vicky, but the fact that she could have informed us made me a little irritated. We felt, she was lending help as a good gestured manner which we mistook it as serious one. The joke was on us but we still laughed at each other for being naive.

Vicky left to home; I went to the park sat alone. Lot of things ran in my mind, I was confused with the fact forgetting Daisy over Martina. Somebody tapped my shoulders, it was her and I was shocked to see her there, a minute I thought she came in search of me, But it wasn’t she was there with her family. They’ve jus come for a family walk. She asked me with a puzzling tone “What you are doing here, alone! Were you reading a porn?” I fumbled she laughed at my innocence. She introduced her mom and dad. Her mom asked “Is he the English boy?” Her dad asked “Is he the boy friend?” I felt like I was being harassed by the Australian family. She came in support for me, she said “M-o-M-------D-a-D leave him alone he is a poor guy.” Since I was weak in English the word POOR GUY did hurt me, I thought she mistook me as poor by my financial status. Seems she has told  her parents about the church incident, they remembered me as the deformed English speaking boy. Her Mom consoled me and said “Don’t worry my boy we’ll make your English better than what it was.” I asked them trying to run all the possible grammar in my head before spurting it out “No brothers and sisters for Martina”. They said no with a smile. I felt a big relief making it easy for me else I would have to bare the boredom of her siblings too. Her parents walked ahead giving us some space, we walked slowly. Told her about the evening tale she was very sorry for not informing us. This did made me feel good but the best of all was Vicky’s absence. I looked up in the sky and thanked GOD again.

The evening walk was the beginning of a new friendship, we came there every evening. We became close enough to share everything. One evening she asked my date of birth and I said “I am 16” but still she asked my date of birth I said “26 December 1984”. She said “oh no you are younger than me” and was laughing. I managed to laugh for the sake of her. And asked her age, she immediately responded “You shouldn’t be asking a girl her age, but still I am elder to you by 3 months remember that” (date of birth was 26 September 1984). With an Indian dilemma, I asked “Should I call you as sister” she immediately replied “No?” I asked “Why?” She said “No, no we are friends and no more discussion on this” I just swelled a smile; she asked “what’s there to smirk at?” I winked my eyes and said nothing. Turning the other side she smiled. We looked at each other as if we were meeting for the first time. She would ask every 5 mins “What? What were you looking at? Whats was the smile for?” and all my answers were, a silence with a blush smile

We sat there in silence for almost an hour, but it was like 5 minutes I understood Einstein’s theory of relativity that day. It was about time to leave she said bye unwillingly. That was the night September 24 1999 I realised I was in love for the first time in my life. I was in love with Martina who was 3 months elder to me.

- Subbu

My first kiss…to be continued…

P.S. This is an imaginary story which is based on pure lies. 

Sivaraj Parameswaran