In Love 16 Years First Kiss

16 Oct 2020 Admin

Expressing love is never easy it is the toughest of all tasks. At the age of 16 a school boy of 11th grade gets interested with a girl who is 3 months elder than him. 

I started losing my concentration, my focus on to studies, couldn’t play (cricket) well. This was leading to a slow poisoning of mind.

Whenever I met Martina I'd lose my control. I couldn’t resist myself from her. She was gorgeous I couldn’t take my eyes off her lips ( Which was like a honey dipped strawberry), her eyes sparkled and her dimpled cheeks which sucks my life out of me. I was always lost with her thoughts.

We meet every day at the park near my home, since I knew her family they were fine even if it was a little late in the evening. She speaks the same stuff from school, from tuition, the usual gossips which never gets old. Most of the times she would do the talking, I would simply listen.

She wets her lips when it dries, watching her doing it makes me go wild and mad. At times I would get caught; she asks “What are you looking at?” such an embarrassing question. I would simply smile, shrug my shoulders and say “Nothing” She would wet her lips again giving a sarcastic smile, I would be sweating inside. She was the one to awaken my manliness and made me go crazy for her.

I couldn’t resist her anymore so decided to express my love to her. But I was never  confident enough to tell her so I wrote her, bought a rose bouquet and greeting card with the worst poem ever written in the history of English


My Dear & Dearest Martina,

You have taken my heart.
Give it back!
But you can't just give it back,
It belongs to you!
So the only way for me to get my heart back,
Is for you to belong to me!
Be mine; be mine,
Because my heart is yours.
Your eyes are like diamonds.
You are wonderful
Like the sky at sunset.
Those are just two of the reasons why I like you.
I'll tell you a hundred and one
More reasons why I like you
If you promise to be mine forever.
Do the math, sweet owner of my heart,
Do the math.
That's a total of one-hundred and three
Reasons why I love you.
With loads & loads of love,



With a racing heartbeat, I was walking to the park. I remember the dress I wore, a neatly ironed full sleeve maroon shirt  pairing it with a glittering silk long dark black trouser with a boot cut, which almost covered my shoes. Neatly combed hair with a divider. When I neared the park I cross checked everything, practiced the dialogs of what to be said, I was darn prepared, with confidence I stepped inside the park.

I saw her under the falling lamp, she was glowing like a moon. She never saw me. At a distance I saw her talking to someone but I couldn’t identify who it was, the lamp was blocking me. I moved aside to see who it was. It was Gary the coolest Anglo Indian good looking dude of our colony. Gary was the like the charming king who any girl would love to be with. With Gary I was no match and that evening Gary was with my girlfriend sorry wish to be girlfriend.

I looked up to the sky and mumbled “Thank you, you fucking ass hole” and a star winked at me, I felt like he (God) answered me.

Gary was making her laugh and I was getting irritated, Gary was trying to touch her, She was shying away and He was pulling her back, they were having teddy fight. I couldn’t resist, I turned and walked towards the gate, my eyes got teary. The bouquet and the card slipped from my hand and fell on the iron chair in the park. I had no more energy to pick it up. I looked up again into sky and asked “Why you keep doing this to me?” this time a rain drop, drops on my face. It starts to rain heavily and I get drenched. I looked at the bouquet, the greeting card was getting wet. The ink was getting washed by the rain. I walked away.  

Gary and Martina came running from the park. They took shelter beneath the sunshade of the building outside the park. She sees me walking down the street. She calls me. The rain and thunder sound makes her inaudible. I kept walking. She shouted and shouted again. I kept walking, she came running towards me and pulled my shirt collar asking “What happened to you. I was shouting like hell didn’t you hear me” I was in no mood to reply, but she was waiting for one. We were standing in the middle of the road with a heavy rain. She shook me and asked “Are you ok” I kept quiet and started to walk away from her. She blocked me and asked for a reason. I looked at her eyes once, moved her aside and walked away from her. She stood there, tears flushed from her eyes. Gary came near to console her, she threw his arm away and ran home. I looked at this and looked at Gary and went home.

The next day morning she goes to the park with her mom and dad, she has no mood to walk so she sits on the iron chair. She sees a drenched greeting card and a bouquet. She slowly takes the greeting card and carefully flips the card. She finds her name which was almost washed out. She reads the poem. She smiles, tear drips onto her dimple cheeks. She smiles takes the bouquet and comes running to my home.

Doorbell rings. My Mom opens the door, finds a girl wearing a skirt standing at her door step. Mom is shocked to see a girl at our door step, It’s because I never had a girlfriend and most importantly I study in a boys only school. 

Martina with a smile says “Hi Aunty! Is Subbu there?” Mom with a stiff face “His name is not Subbu, his name is Subramani, Wait here I call him” from there she yells in high tone “Dei there is a girl wearing a skirt” Mom looks at her and asks “What’s your name ma” Martina replies “Martina aunty” Mom asks again “Martina” “Yes Aunty” Mom asks “Christian?” “Yes Aunty” Mom yells again “Martina has come for you come down quickly!! wear something neat don’t come down with your shorts”

I woke up with a shock hearing what my mom just said, I came down to the living room in record time. Mom rolled her spy eyes on me I replied with a blushing smile “friend ma”. As I said friend Martina rolled her eyes at me with a smile. She poetically said “Aunty can I take your son out for a walk?” Mom gave a friendly smile at Martina rolling her eyes back at me which meant be back home soon and went inside giving us some space. In other 2 mins I got ready and we came out.

We almost walked half a mile neither of us spoke. I broke the ice “Am so sorry I had a bad day yesterday, that’s the reason I never spoke so what’s up with you, you seem to be in a happy mood today!!” She nodded with silence. She never even looked at me. I said “ I guess I know” I thought it was about Gary, I was little hurt but never showed it. She never spoke a word, she just looked at me and kept walking. I was feeling guilty so I pleaded saying “Come on I said I am sorry…are you going to do the same thing I did, I said am sorry, do you want me to fall at your feet” She smiled at me but never said a word.

Strolling around we reached our neighbourhood church, no one was there except for us. We went in as she kneeled down and prayed, I watched her pray and asked god to grant all her wish. I came out and sat on the steps. After a while she came out and sat near me and gave me a bouquet, the bouquet which I had bought for her and she shows me the card.  

I couldn’t speak a word or look into her eyes. I tried to shy away from her stare. She holds  me and looks into my eyes, gives a smile and kisses me on the lips.

The first kiss. She hugs me and says “I love you too”. I look up to the sky with a smile “Thank you, thank you so much” the church bell rang, he (God) responded again.

- Subbu

Bad Omen… To be continued…

P.S. This is an imaginary story which is based on pure lies. 

Sivaraj Parameswaran