Karna vs Pandavas

09 Nov 2020 Admin

Am amazed by Karna’s charity as I read Mahabharata. The more I read the more I felt that Karna was being oppressed by the caste system and still emerged to be a warrior commander in chief of the mighty army of Kauravas. 

Krishna the lord of all, Knew everything about Karna, The lower caste charioteer’s son who became king on the will of Duryodhana, the Kaurava prince and the rightful heir of Kauravas.

The Pandavas didn’t like Karna, for the name and fame he got. Most importantly the righteous princes of dharma as they claim to be, they never treated Karna equal because of his caste and creed. 

Karna was famous amongst his people and was famously called by the people as the Charity King which irked the Pandavas especially Arjuna and Dharma. This led to a heated debate with Krishna, where Krishna sided with Karna saying “He is the greatest of all when it comes to charity” This fuelled the jealousy of Pandavas even more; Angry Arjuna and Dharma claimed Krishna, have not they done charity like Karna. Krishna trying to calm Pandavas and to put an end to this debate gave them a test. 

Krishna gave Pandavas a mountain filled with invaluable treasures of gold. The speciality of the mountain is that no matter how much ever you give away the treasures, mountain would refill it again. Krishna gave this mountain to the Pandavas and gave a days time to do their charity work and asked them to finish the treasure. 

Pandavas trying to prove the greatness, stood all day long and donated as much as they could. People stood in long queues to get their bags filled with gold and gems. End of the day the entire town had become rich yet the mountain remained the same. 

Pandavas with enough pride said to krishna that no one in town was left empty everyone had  their share of the treasure, Karna won’t be able to donate anything to them and would be losing Krishna’s test. 

Krishna politely smiled and said let’s not conclude it. The mountain was handed to Karna the next day by Krishna and krishna explained about the special powers of the mountain to Karna. Karna politely thanked and accepted the mountain.

At that time an old saint traveller was passing by looking at Krishna, Pandavas and Karna. Excited seeing Karna the saint went to him seeking alms for his travel. Karna realising he has nothing in hand, looked at the mountain and offered the whole mountain to the sage, explaining about the special powers of the mountain. The sage was speechless, he thanked Karna for his generosity. Karna thanked the saint and left the place with a full heart seeking no ones acceptance or proclamation for what he did, Krishna turned towards Pandavas and said "You were given a mountain to do charity, you did charity by keeping the mountain. Karna did charity by giving away the mountain and this is why he is called the Charity King"

Karna was selfless in charity unlike Pandavas who were selfish. I don’t blame Pandavas for that they are selfish because most of us are like the Pandavas in charity but claiming ourselves to be a Karna is to be strongly condemned and blamed because there is only one selfless Karna. 

A folklore which I studied in my 12th standard 

Sivaraj Parameswaran