My First Short Film Part 1

13 Oct 2020 Admin

Jillunu Our Kalavaram - This is my first short as a Director. This movie is very close to me because Blaumahendra Sir watched it and appreciated me for it. He had screened this movie in RKV Film Academy for film making students a couple of times which I got to know through Manoj Mohanan an alumnus of RKV Film Academy in the recent past.

Now back to story.

Govarthan a close friend and a fellow alumnus screens his “Nanum Oru Thai” short film, so does Anand screens his “Kaditham” short film in our institute (Balumahendra Film Institute) 

We were frequently questioned by Balu sir for not submitting our short film because it was our part of curriculum. 

Everyone was forced to think some script or the other. I sank in deep thinking. Nothing really came to my sense. I couldn’t write a word.

3 months passed…

One day I was yelled by Balu Sir badly for not submitting the short film and that was the last day of my class. I decided I would come back only after doing my short film.

A month passed. I usually call up to my batch mates asking about the updates happening in class. I attend the film screening sessions which happens every other noon. Nothing really changed in the routine.

And one day I accidentally happen to get caught in the eyes of Balu sir in the film screening, I would usually hide myself from him but sadly I was caught. The very first thing he asked was “where is your short film Gentleman?” (he doesn’t remember my name because there were two Shiva’s and am being the invisible one he doesn’t remember my name much)

 Back to the story

He said “If you can’t make a short film for 20 mins how the hell are you gonna make a feature?” I kept my mouth shut, he became a little furious and said “If you want to be the master in the art of sex start doing it in the bed rather learning it from the book, until and unless you don’t do it you won’t know it. Hope you understand of what I meant.” (In Tamizh it made a lot of sense than it sounds in English) It was a slap on my face. I didn’t react, still kept mum. He walked away.

That was the day of enlightenment and I wrote Production No 1 later named as Jillunu Oru Kalavaram!! 

To be continued....

Sivaraj Parameswaran