The First Team

13 Oct 2020 Admin

Naanum Oru Thaai - This is where our team formed.

I associated Govarthan in this film. This movie was the one which actually brought Govarthan, Karthic Baskar, Caine Sidarth and Me together as a team.

The Happening...

I got a phone call from Govarthan an evening before the shoot. It was regarding the Sun Gun light. I owned a Sun Gun light.  Our situation in 2012 was worse. We won't be able afford professional lights due to the high rentals and the financial crisis we had. Considering todays price rentals have come down cheap and led lights changed the film making totally. Thanks to Sony Alpha and Canon Eos cameras for making film making simple and affordable.

We made short films at par quality with minimum resources we had. So he called me asking for the light, in return I asked “Can I come and watch your short film shoot”. He laughed and said “You are very much welcome” and that’s how I became a part of the team. 

Those days we would ache to be a part of a short film team due to the production cost which was plenty for us unlike today's generation. Now a days a short films can be shot, edited, colour corrected and can be uploaded to YouTube with a mobile phone, thanks to Reliance Jio for the free internet & the speed.

Coming back to the Day of the Shoot...

We met on the sets of Naanum Oru Thaai. We shot the entire short film with a Sun Gun and a china ball which was lit with 60-watt tungsten bulb. The sun rise shot, the room light up, the bedroom light up, everything was lit up with Sun Gun and a 60-watt tungsten bulb. The movie was shot in a single day. Karthic Baskar was the man behind the lighting & cinematography. Caine Sidarth scored the music. Govarthan was the captain of the crew being the Actor/Director.

That’s how our sail began in the sea of Cinema and that’s how we became a team.

The Story of Jillunu Our Kalavaram... To be Continued.... 

Sivaraj Parameswaran