The Indian Affair

16 Oct 2020 Admin

The Indian affair is always termed sexual. It’s ugly and it has a culture discrimination. It's not about two individuals. It is always about two families, two societies, two culture differences, two religions and mainly two different hierarchy. The hierarchy is the law, no matter how many law enforcing courts are there, the hierarchy decides what is right and what is wrong.  

Coming back to the Indian affair, as long it is sexual, its a lustful desire of a women who seduces the men from the good family and lure men into the poison ivy. When affair is emotional, it’s the money craving women with crocodile tears, lure men into the poison ivy. 

 The affair is always a women centric. No men have deemed to be wrong, it's always the mistake of a women. Even in our greatest mythical book an Asura’s sister’s nose was cut, just because she expressed her liking towards a man which is a sin!! So beware women never express your liking towards men in India, unless you want your nose cut.

So why are men so naive in India? Men are always the victims of the crimes of an affair. I pity every men who has been a victim of this heinous. Most men suffer stress which women don’t, so women trap men. Men are naive, they have no clue of what’s happening around them because they are in the black magic seduction spell which is so powerful that they lose their consciousness because of the spell not because they were attracted or lustful. In which only a women can cast spell on men. The spell won’t work in the other way because men are naive and pure, From then the poor being so called men becomes the victim of the affair created by the heinous women.

The shame that follows of the crime after being caught are only for women not for men. Because the women were attracted to the men’s charm. Men had nothing to do with the attraction of women. Men who had an affair are treated the same by their family, friends, society and the hierarchy. Because men was naive and the evil was cast upon him by the women. 

But the Women, they become the bitches of the society, termed as whores. Any men can approach them for sex, they have the right to do so. Once the hierarchy decides who are we to question?

We become the judge of everything of what the hierarchy says especially the news channels, political leaders, religious leaders or the community leaders. We stand by what we are a part of not by what we think or what we know. 

P.S : (For the men who treat women as equal, its for you) Every men who has gone a trip to Thailand for a sandwich massage (Yes you read it right), just imagine if your wife would have done the same would you deem it right?

With Sarcasm, 

Sivaraj Parameswaran