24 Oct 2020 Admin

Secret Friend - A secret is no secret if it’s heard by two. So the one who knows is the one who holds. Everyone would have a one who holds to your secret, the Secret Friend. The one who is invisible to the eyes of the society. The one who would be very normal but who would be an undercover agent who knows the ins and outs of you. The affairs you had, the affairs you have. How trust worthy you are? The real you, you are like an open book to the person. 

The amount of fun you have with this person are off no boundaries. With this person, you will laugh with no sorrows no matter you have a mountain of sorrows on your shoulders. 

These are not funny drunk conversation. This is you, being sober enough to do the wildest of the wildest with that friend. There would be some wild tales which can’t be disclosed but it’s sure enough to be a memory to remember. If you can, make some more because those are the memories of who you really are! 

The ageing factor and the family commitments would lead to end this friendship. Not many would understand the concept of it but I would recommend it healthy as long you are within the limits of being wild. Because you are being you and you are happy about letting your guard down unmasking the filthy mask which you proudly wear it for the society. The naughty side of anyone are only known by an equally naughty friend.  

Most of them whom I have met proudly say that they have been true to this world, true to their society but what I question them is; have you been true to yourself? They would feel the clumsy regret beholding themselves from what they are! 

I truly suggest you should let your guard down, unmask yourselves to someone; be it your wife; your friend; your dad; your anyone who could accept as what you are without being judgemental. If you have such a friend who could hold all your secrets then I would say you are lucky enough to be what you are else you are just becoming an ageing reflection in the mirror of this mortal life. 

P.S. I am referring to a friendship here not an affair - It’s not a boy bestie or girl bestie concept as you deem it to be.

Yes I do unmask myself, 

Sivaraj Parameswaran